a collection of 721 NFT T-rexes

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Actually possible

a Game, that's it!

no for reals, that's it.

  • Some of the insights about our game. More details in the discord.

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    the game will have 721 levels with 721 dynos as the final bosses.

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    dyno holders will be able to customize the level corresponding to their dyno.

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    Each failed attempt at the level will reward the NFT holder

  • 🔸

    Each successful attempt will reward the player.

Ruggpull pro max

  • We’ve found focusing on multiple things is the quickest way to end up with a subpar product, but seeing that borderline impossible roadmaps are the norm in the NFT space, here’s one for you, if that’s your speed.

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    An RPG game in our dyno goes through various stages, overcoming obstacles and impediments and changing form in the process.

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    A TV show in which Chuck Norris voices our Dyno.

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    Launching 50 other tokens to go without the game for no reason whatsoever.

  • 🔹

    Resurrecting an actual Trex.

  • 🔹

    Opening up a Jurassic Park.

  • 🔹

    Sending the resurrected Dynos to space.

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    Colonising Mars.

But wait, that's not all

just because we have short roadmap doesnt mean there wont be benefits,
don't mean to brag, but here's some of them

DYNO Comics y'all, airdropped to 25% holders

Honorary DYNOS

Protagnist character + $DYNO Token Airdrop for all 721 holders

Hand-drawn canvases delivered worldwide to 25% holders

Behind the scenes & workshops with the artists

Pixel art Dynos, airdropped to 25% holders

(it's like an NFT but you can hold it)

Comics for everyone

made by YOU!

some of the art made by our community members,
we cherish these more than our own art tbh.


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